Sometimes, your customers stop buying from you because they don’t have money at that very moment. But not anymore.

We have now partnered employers to enable employees pick items or get services from you and we pay instantly.

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How does this really work?

This is how.

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1. Download Free App

Gulapp is on google play store, download it HERE.

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2. Register your business

Create your business profile HERE or through the app HERE

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3. Add your goods and services

you will just add name and price. It is that simple.

Steps to sell on Gulapp

1. Receive shopping list.

You will receive a notification on your app of the shopping order from the customer.

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2. Prepare goods and services.

You will prepare goods and service ready to be picked by the customer.

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3. Offer goods and services.

You will give goods and services to the customer without receiving payment from them.

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4. Customer confirms with PIN.

After approving the order in the app. Customers will get a notification on their app to insert secrete PIN.

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5. Initiate to be paid.

In your app, request to be paid. We pay daily, weekly and monthly depending on your preference.

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6. We pay you.

Gulapp will pay you instantly by payment method of your choice like Cash, Mobile money, bank transfers, check and others.

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Medical care


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Cooking gas

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Food & beverages

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Basic Households

Are you ready to register your business ?


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Am I selling on credit?

Our customers get goods and services from you and we pay.

How do I get paid?

We pay you by cash, Mobile Money (MTN and Airtel), Bank transfers and Checks.

How long does it take to get paid?

Depending on your preferred method of payment. Mobile money is instant.

Is joining free?

You don’t have to pay anything registering your business and receiving orders.

Other requirements needed.

Smartphone to install the app.

How do I join?

Register your business HERE or download the app HERE


Get in touch

GULAPP SHOPPING LIMITED, AAA Building, plot 173-174 Kagugube road, Makerere Kampala Uganda

  • +256 392 916 424